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TCA - Uk users?

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I was wondering if anyone in the UK has had this procedure done?

How much did it cost for one treatment?

btw I mean having it done professionally. I know you can buy home kits but I think my parents would freak out... they don't even like me using glycolic acid.

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You can get TCA Cross on the NHS with Dr. Chu (if you're lucky enough to get to see him on the NHS).

You can see Dr. Chu privately and TCA Cross with him only costs around £50 per session I think.

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is dr chu the only person who does it or is there any other clinics. also....how do you go private instead of nhs, do you have to be on bupa or sumthing or just arrange an appointment privately?

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If you want to see him privately then you need to see your gp and tell him/her to fax or post a letter to doctor chu saying that you would like to be seen privately.

Or if you specifically want to see him on the nhs you'll need your doc to state that on the letter. Make sure you go in with all the details (i.e. doc chu's address, fax no, etc,).

I think someone on here posted of another derm performing tca but i can't remember which clinic. Maybe someone else can help out?

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