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Survey for lifters/bodybuilders with acne issues

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So if you fall into that category answer these questions please

1) Age ?

2) How many years training ?

3) height, weight ?

4) daily caloric intake ?

5) typical daily meals consumed ?

6) skin supplements used ?

7) training supplements used (can overlap with #6) ?

8) acne severity ?

9) oil production ?

10) facial inflammation severity ?

11) what foods do you know cause you issues ?

12) dried sweat break you out (even if you don't touch your face) ?

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1) 21

2) 4 months

3) 6'1 190lbs

4) dunno. 5-6 meals a day plus weight gainers

5) rice & tuna, spaghetti, chicken, steaks, fries with eggs

6-7) vit. E, multivitamin, vit. C, magnesium, l-lysine, fish oils, flax seed oil, weight gainer

8) almost clear. sometimes one or 2 pimples

9) face's oily but not as oily as it used to be

10) no facial inflammation

11) chips. I try to avoid things that contains too much sugar but not entirely

12) Don't think so. I shower when I come back from the gym and wash my face if it ever get sweaty.

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1) 23

2) 3 years, on and off (injuries)

3) 6'4", 220 lbs.

4) maybe 3500? I'm not too strict in counting

5) dairy free, gluten free, chicken turkey, green smoothies, lentils, rice/pasta, flax seed

6-7) flax seed, fish oil, whey isolate, creatine monohydrate, ginger root, turmeric.

8) mostly clear (98%+) mostly just clogged pores.

9) almost no oil. I tend to skew to the dry side.

10) None

11) dairy, gluten, junk in general

12)Sweat doesn't affect me, I think.

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