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Second time accutane users PLEASE help!

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HI i was on a course of accutane 1 time already at age 19.I am now 26 and facing acne yet again along with TONS of blackheads.Ive tried everything and i feel a SECOND course of accutane is my best option at this point.I had several side effects one of which was hairloss.Plus a very very bad breakout during my course of treatment.I am wondering if anyone could tell me if the second course is just as bad of a break out as the first time you were on it.And did it get rid of your blackheads if you had them.My biggest concern however is the intial breakout.Please let me know your experiences as i am very worried about going on this drug again....!Thanks.. Shannon

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wierd...The first time i took accutane I was 17, had no breakout whatsoever....either that or my face was so covered with acne i didnt notice. Cysts too...My face cleared up 100%. A year later the acne and the cysts came back. Not near as bad as the first. I got on accutane for the second time and had the worst breakout of my life. It all cleared up and even tho i had all that acne it left almost no scars. Now i am 21, have acne again and no cysts... Ive had it for about a year now and im trying every topical on the market...i just cant decide if the initial breakout is worth getting on the accutane. If you can just stand to have about 2 weeks of horrible skin than u will have freedom for a long time...I think it is worth it.



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