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Would I still get good results switching from Proactiv to Daniel Kern's Regimen?

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after a good year, Proactiv, my pot of gold, seems to be no longer working...

like my skin has become immune to it, and i already have given it an extra chance with a whole month, but still no results...

i was wondering if i could still possibly get good results from Daniel Kern's regimen... being that both of them use benzoyl peroxide anyway :think:

if not, am i left to finding a whole u new regimen? :think:

all help is greatly appreciated

and new regimen idea's would be cool

(i posted this in the Mild and Moderate Forums also, cause i wasn't quite sure where to post this topic)

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proactive and DKR do both use BP but they differ in the amount. on DKR you'll use much more BP and not pay nearly as much. A large number of people on these boards dont like proactive (if they did then they probably wouldnt be searching the internet for an alternative) but have had success with DKR so it worth a shot.

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I used Proactiv on & off for many years. It would work for awhile, then would stop & then I would try something else only to return to it out of desperation. Then it would help a bit, and then the breakout cycle would start. I got fed up with it & then had the worst breakout of my life right before discovering DKR.

DKR has been much more consistent for me. I have overall better results that have lasted for almost a year now, whereas with Proactiv I would probably be breaking out again by now.

I think that my issue with Proactiv was that I would use a lot of BP, more than recommended, and then my skin would get better. However, with no moisturizer I would get so dry that I would cut back on the BP & break out again. Also the face wash would irritate my skin & I would get large pimples even when most of my skin was clear. I get a few pimples with DKR still, but they usually stay very small. Using a moisturizer & gentle facewash allow me to consistently use enough BP to stay clear.

So DKR works better for me than Proactiv because it is gentle enough to sustain longterm use of a lot of BP.

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My skin did not improve one bit in the six months I was on Proactiv, but it responded very well (and rather quickly) to the DKR. I think this was from the reduced irritation, the use of a moisturizer, and most importantly, working up to using much larger amounts of BP than I ever did with Proactiv. Both systems have BP as the main acne fighting component, but other than that, they're pretty different.

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I used Proactive for almost a year. It would work then not work. I don't know why, but it just seemed to want to get worse when i needed it to be clear the most. I hate Proactive, it sucks. I don't doubt that it worked for some people but from my own experience it didn't do much to improve my acne which wasn't even that bad to begin with. On Dan's, its only been a week or so and I have just one small pimple :). Just be sure not to over use the BP like I just did and now my face looks pinkish. (I just tell people I was out in the sun too long :P) If only I knew about this in high school... best of luck!

- Mike

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what i hate about proactiv is the toner. oily skin does not need toner, they dont even consider that many many people have super oily skin.

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what i hate about proactiv is the toner. oily skin does not need toner, they dont even consider that many many people have super oily skin.

yea, i usually skip the toner and use it only every other 2-3 days before i sleep and apply the BP

k, i'm gonna order daniel kern's regimen...

although i heard the BP is a gel?

this gel wouldnt happen to make your face "shiny" right?

your skin would still look normal, like not to dry, and not to oily (shiny) looking?

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