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This is just something I was thinking about earlier.

A year ago I used to eat all kinds of junk food and my skin never broke out, but since getting small breakouts at the beginning of this year, I started trying all kinds of things to clear it and now I am trying diets. It feels like the more I try to clear my skin it has just been progressively getting worse and worse. So I am going to try going back to my old diet habits (of course im not gonna purposely eat unhealthy things, but just not be as strict with what I eat) and see if my skin gets any worse or changes any.

I was thinking that maybe people who cut all of these foods out of their diet are just letting their bodies become more sensitive to that food, therefore when they finally eat it for once in a lightyear, theyre skin will break out worse than it ever would before because now their body can no longer handle it. Kind of like how antibiotics break down ur immune systems ability to heal itself. I'm sure food ingredients work in a similiar way. Or anything that we consume for that matter.

I might be totally wrong, but it's just an idea I was wondering about. I am really gonna try to stop dieting and see if it makes any difference. I'll post back here in a few days and let you all know what happens. Pls pray for me and my skin, lol

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Doesn't make any sense to me. But in an attempt to make sense out of what you said, I would say that the junk food you used to eat caused damage(like LGS for example) and caused you to eventually get acne. And now you either haven't eliminated the correct things from your diet or haven't given yourself proper time to heal.

I dont think the 2nd paragraph is right at all. After a long time of avoiding the food and letting your body heal, it should be much more capable of dealing with "bad foods" from time to time.

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