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since ive basically tried every product i could get my hands on (prescription or over the counter) and im only 16 :( i decided to start looking into supplements. a lot of people have been talking about all different types of supplements like fish oil for example. but how do i know what my body is missing or is making too much of? i was concidering going to get a blood test and have someone figure out all the things my body needs more of and take supplements for it b/c acne is mostly about a balance of your insides. besides doing that, is there any other way to know what supplements i need to take??

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Plenty. My schedule thing in my sig. has a lot of supplements.

You most likely get a lot of things in your diet already, but a multi-vitamin will be helpful.

There are lots, and I mean lots, of different tests you can take at the hospital to see if you are deficient in anything. Eating a well balacned diet, with veggies especially is always a major +. Supplements are to supplment on who is lacking whatever nutrient, but some people use them to help prevent things and help things. 10 grams of B5, pantothenic acid, a day, for most people have greatly helped their skin. 2-3 grams of EPA/DHA omega 3's have helped the skin of acne sufferers. But again I guess you could always do a blood test.

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pretty much everyone in north america is probably deficient in omega 3 so fish oil should help you

as for other supplements: zinc, saw palmetto, green tea extract, ACV, etc. might help

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