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ok so here's my story ...

I used to have really good skin untill about 2 months ago..at first I started getting pimples ( big red whiteheads ! ) and little bumps on my forhead after that the really big pimples have already gone by using pimple gels but they all left really bad dark marks

after that Ive started developing little bumps aroind my cheek area ( at the end of my cheek bones -near the ears) ...it feels like little pimples under the skin.. and the little bumps on my foread are still there and maybe 2 /white heads/pimples on my forhead so I went to the dermatoligist and he recomended that I use accutane for 3 months ( 20 mg for this month and 40 mg next month ..I'm currently on day 6 ) .. and he told me that on the first 1-2 weeks i might get more pimples and that the pimples under the skin would go up to the surface or somthign like that :-/

annnyways today I woke up with a reallly red whitehead pimple on my cheek and I'm soooooooo scareeeeeeeed that it will scar like I used to before accutane ! ..I scar easely and my scars take so long to fade away but i never used to be that way till last year = (

so my question now is ..

will accutane help with the scaring as it will with the pimples ?

he told me to expect this and told me that it will all go away but didnt mention anything about the scaring :-/...

some ppl say that while taking accutane the pimples go away and the scaring too so you get really smooth and even skin cuz ur skin exfoliates its self more during accutane... it that true ?

if not then will glyco peels ..20% for 3 minutes once a week + salt-a-peels help ? or should I wait till I get off accutane... salt-a-peels are like microdermabrasion but they use fine salts instead and its supose to be less harsh ont he skin than the cristals used in microdermabrasion..

Last question....... :"> lol

how long do you guys think it will take before someone with veryyy mild acne/few dark pimple scars see results ?

right now I only have this pimple on my cheek and tinnnnnnnny pimples /little bumps on my forhead and cheeks...for acne I would say this is veryyyyyyy mild ... but no way near as clear as I was before 3 months

thanks alot = ) ..I know I've asked and said so much but I would reallly apreciate any advice and answers from you guys ..

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it didn't help improve textural scars but my skin seemed to have lightened in complexion. my scars (indented ones) actually increased during the first months of my course due to extractions while my skin's healing was very slow.

peels should be avoided until 3 months post tane, as suggested by drug manufacturers.

mild acne, like what i had before i started the second course, improved greatly within 3 weeks while on 10mg/day. i experienced dryness on as early the first week.

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