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Looking for some advice.

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Hi :D I've been lurking on the forums for a few months now, trying to get ideas of what to do about my skin. I'm 25 years old, and I've had somewhat servere acne Since I was 17. Odly enough, my face is fine, but the rest of me is a wreck.

I've tried every percription recommeded by a number dermatologists, I've switched a few over the years hoping someone else would have better advice for me. The latest medication I used was bactrum DS. It helped alittle, but after time I grew immune to it and stopped taking it. When I tried to go back on it, It started to make me feel sick, so I stopped taking it all together.

I suffer from Keratosis Pilaris, cysts, and pustules. ( lucky me ) Its mainly on my arms, back and chest. ( Keratosis Pilaris doesn't even bother me anymore, its just the cysts and pustules that are driving me mad)

I'm counting down the days until my new healthcare kicks in so I can go on accutane. It took me a long time to admit that it might be one of my only shots to finally have some relief. I haven't been able to feel comfortable in my own skin for many years. I know everyone may tell me that I shouldn't care and I should do what I want, but its never been that easy. I dont think i've worn anything sleeveless or backless in almost 10 years. I feel bad for the one doctor who said " don't worry sweetheart we'll have this all cleared up before your prom" Good thing I had no intentions of going in the first place of I may have been sereverly mentally screwed.

I was wondering, if :

- Is accutane is covered by healthcare at all?( i know everyones is different, but I am really just aiming for an idea here)

- If it isnt, how much did the treatments cost?

- How long did it take ( you personally) to see results after starting it.

Other then that, Stuff I found that soothed my skin a bit are : pure coconut oil for in the shower, village naturals sugar scrub ( for body. not face) Dial bar soaps ( for both face and body, it helped my back feel better)

For my face, even though I said its not so bad : Cetaphil senstive skin or regular face wash, with matching mositerizers.

Thanks for hearing me out if you read this!

EDIT: anddd I just noticed I put this in the wrong section. Sorry about that Mods.

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Accutane is covered by my insurance (aetna).

I'm only 18 days in, so I haven't noticed too much of an improvement other than my skin is not as oily and most of my body acne is drying up.

I went through the whole spectrum of antibiotics (worked for a while then became immune), topicals, and otc stuff over 15 years before getting on accutane. I just wish i would have known more about it earlier and gotten on it sooner.

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Hi Arae:

I hope your insurance is decent when it kicks in and covers Accutane for you.

In the meantime, you might try exfoliating gently (GENTLY!!!) with a baby's hair brush on the areas that are prone to KP. That combined with regular use of an exfoliator have helped mine on my elbows clear up. I noticed the greatest difference when I used MaMa lotion (Mandelic acid and malic acid) and the baby's hair brush. I haven't been rigorous with treating that area and it is coming back again. Silly me. :D Any AHA (Alpha Hydroxy acid) like glycolic acid will help exfoliate your skin nicely and help improve KP.

Be sure to use sun screen. Excessive sun exposure is not good for the skin as it leads to premature aging...brown spots...and toughened skin. That toughened skin makes one more prone to hyperkeratinization...leading potentially to KP. That's my take, anyway. ;)

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Thanks so much for the feedback. I didn't want to go to the doctor/derm office and not have a clue about how this would go. Thank you for the other tips as well, I will have to try them! Hopefully in a few months i'll have a sucess story of some sort ( I hope!)

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