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Using a loofah.

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Hey guys. I've been around the boards for a few months now, just looking at peoples advice trying to pick up some tips. I just decided to register right now because I have a question I need to be answered.

I have mild-moderate acne on my face, chest, and back. My face is a lot better with help from the derm but I'm not really doing anything for my chest and back unless you count the Doxycyclin. I came across the thread about the Dial Antibacterial Clean Rinsing Body Wash in Spring Water and thought that I would try it out. I was just wondering if there is any specific loofah that I should buy. I know there are some rougher then others and I don't really want to mess up my skin so yeah. Oh and I occasionally use a wash rag but I've been thinking that its too rough on my skin so yeah. I want to try the Dial with a loofah and I was just wondering which loofah I should buy. Thanks a lot guys.

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A puff ball comes 2 mind It is what I use. Also there is a baby brush method tread out there I am not sure which forum. I wanna try it out soon but need time to pick it up at a store.


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My family has had great succes with a Body Buf or cheap white wash cloths (we use a clean one every use and, yes, we do a lot of laundry). I like the Body Buf because the texture is consistent and it's easy to keep clean. I think the key is to use gentle pressure and not to overdo it.

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