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I'm going to the psychiatrist

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Yes. My constant staying in the house over my face has resorted to desperate measures. While I was talking to my therapist yesterday, she recommended that I see one so I can really get to what the problem is, my diagnosis, and medication. Now I honestly would like to know how long are the visits usually and what goes on in one. I already don't feel like going. My mother's freaking out as we speak because she thinks they'll label me as a threat to myself or others. I keep telling her it's not that serious, but she keeps persisting it'll hurt me in the long run :rolleyes:

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Guest The Effendi

I don't know about a Psychiatrist, but I did see a Psychopharmacologist(I know, that's

quite the title). It's a lot like a Psychiatrist, but they mostly deal with the medication

side of a persons diagnosis. My visit was like 50 minutes, and they just try to get

down to the bottom of how you've been feeling, and how long, to determine how

severe your condition might be. There's a few, like OCD, Body Dysmorphia, Anxiety,

Depression, Bypolar Disorder, and they'll probably go over those things. They're

REALLY nice, and they only wanna help. Pretty much, only YOU know if you're a

threat to anyone, I wouldn't worry about them jumping to conclusions. I hope that

helped a little, and Good Luck :D

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Ive been seeing a psychiatrist for four years. A standard appointment is about forty five minutes. You just talk about your problems and the dr will give you suggestions of how to better deal with them

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If you're already seeing a therapist, my guess is that the psychiatrist won't be doing therapy/psychoanalysis with you, they'll be doing medication management. That's how it works for me — I see my therapist once a week for talk therapy and my psych once a year or so for med management. (I've gotten into the bad habit of referring to my psych as "the drug doc", although not when they can hear me. :dry: )

And I hope you or someone else is able to reassure your mother that seeing a psych or being on meds doesn't mean you're a danger to yourself OR to others — it just means that something's out of balance in your brain and you need some assistance to get it back in line so you can function.

The analogy I usually use is diabetes, because most people are familiar with it as being a disease that is chronic and incurable, but which can be treated and managed so that most of the people who have it are able to live productive, constructive lives.

I'd say "good luck", but that makes it sound like luck is necessary. So I'll just say that for me, being on the meds makes a HUGE difference for the better. I hope your sense of apprehension and desire not to do this eases up so that going to the appointment doesn't seem so unpleasant. :comfort:

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