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followed dans tips on popping zit(help please!)

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i had two minor breakouts on my right cheek, a bit swollen and i found it frustrating so i decided to follow dan's tips on popping a zit with a sterilized needle however i was in a rush and forgot to sterlize it! big mistake!

first off i made one prick and it didnt do anything when i gently squeezed with the sterilized pads so i made a second prick then out of frustration squeezed even harder to no avail.

now its been about 3 days and im sitting with two harded swollen spots, very red and noticable... and much warmer to the rest of my face when i touch it.

what should i do to at least reduce the swelling or to help treat this? i probably infected it and caused a bigger pimple right? how long should i expect of this to heal?


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You can apply BP there to disinfect it. Icing it might also help. I think you'll just have to be patient with those pimples, though. They might disappear pretty quickly, but they might linger, who knows. Just try not to mess with them at all from now on.

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Well....that wasn't following the instructions. Always be gentle or you risk worsened spots.

Follow the excellent advice above.

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