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Acnexus - My own personal experience

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I wanted to write a review about my experience with Acnexus since I had some success using the product.

Although it did work for me and help to clear some of the toughest acne I've ever had in my life, I don't believe that it's a miracle product that will work for everyone or every kind of acne. To make a long story short, Acnexus did work for me to clear my acne, but in the end I switched to Vichy Normaderm because I was afraid of the long term effects that all the scrubbing would have on my skin.

***Anyone with acne that is still looking for the ultimate solution should at least give it a try***

For the long version, read on:

About me and my acne: I'm a 29yr old female, had acne pimples as a teenager that mostly cleared in my early 20s. Throughout my 20s, about once a year I would get a big huge zit somewhere on one of my cheeks that would start out as a red bump beneath the skin and then progress to a whitehead which eventually popped, scabbed over and then disappeared to a very small spot. The whole process would last about 1-2weeks. Then around the age of 27 I started to get those pimples more often and for about the last 2 years I had a horrible re-emergence of acne on my cheeks, chin, jawling, and towards the end, my neck. It was horrible. None of the usual products that had worked so well were doing their job and actually seemed to make matters worse. About a year ago I found this website and started using the regimen which helped a bit, but I was still getting breakouts. I can honestly say that finding this website helped inspire me to find the right regimen and combination of products that would work for my skin and my particular acne battle. That search lead me to find acnexus which I purchased off eBay on May 13th. It arrived after about 2 weeks (I'm in Canada) and my 6 week long journey with Acnexus began...

My journey with Acnexus: When I started using Acnexus, I made a commitment to try it for the full 2 weeks that is recommeded for new products and I honestly wish that i had taken some before and after shots as proof of the results I had.

Week 1-2: My first impression was the smell, I love the sent! My second impression was the feeling of my skin after using it - it felt clean, smooth, and moisturized but not oily. I usually get very dry skin around my mouth and on my cheeks after using acne products - with this one there was no dryness on my cheeks and only a slight dryness around my mouth which eventually went away over the course of the six weeks. In the first 2 weeks there was a significant decrease in regular pimples, but still a few larger ones lingered.

Week 3: There weren't many new pimples until the beginning of the 3rd week when I started to get those little tiny whiteheads, so rather than just dropping it, I wanted to see if it was maybe just my sking normalzing itself and see if they would disappear or get worse with continued use. Over the next week I experimented with finger pressure, the length of time that I scrubbed for, and leaving it to sit on the skin for a bit of time after scrubbing (something I would recommend to anyone that experiences the same clearing and then re-appearing phenomenon). Eventually the little whiteheads disappeared and it was in the 4th week that i really started to see a dramatic difference in the bigger tougher zits.

Week 4-5: Amazingly all of the acne on my neck cleared and the tough zits on my cheeks, chin, and jawline began to disappear. By mid to the end of week 5, no new pimples were appearing on my skin, all small pimples had cleared, and the larger ones were reduced to only red flaky bumps.

Week 6: It was around the end of week 5 that I started to have some concern for all that scrubbing. On one hand, it had really amazingly helped to clear my skin, but on the other hand I was at a plateau of some red spots (a welcomed sight after the hideous zits I had become accustomed to) that seemed to need some healing. So I decided to start looking for a non-scrub product to transition in to, which I bought mid-week 6.

Week 7: My new transition product is Vichy Normaderm I bought the Deep Cleansing Gel, Chrono-Active Imperfectin Care (night creme), and Anti-imperfectin Hydrating Care (Daytime moisturizer). The combination of these producst was amazing and exactly what I needed! My skin instantly felt soothed and awakened. The remaining red dry spots are fading and my pores look smaller. I highly recommed this line of products after clearing with acnexus. The change in my skin from 7 weeks ago is really amazing and I know that I owe most of credit for the change to acnexus. Now my new journey with Vichy Normaderm looks really promising. I still use acnexus every couple of days to exfoliate when I feel blackheads coming on and I know I'll use both products for a long time to come.

I hope that this review helped some people out there!!! I know that Acnexus didn't work for a lot of people, but neither did pro-active, and even the clear skin regimen from this website wasn't the magical cure for me. The bottom line is that everyone with acne needs to try different things until they find what works for them. Don't just rely on what others are saying, try it for yourself!!! I also firmly believe that reducing sugar intake and increasing exercise to even a minimum of 3-30min fast walking sessions a week can help to reduce acne and just generally make you feel better about yourself. Don't let your acne get you down! There ARE ways of controlling it that will work for YOU, just believe and seek them out:)

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