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when i went to see the dermatologist a few weeks back she mentioned about turning yellow. she said that i should watch out for it and stop the tablets if it happened (well obviously). needless to say i became paranoid. (the dermatolgist is a bit stupid a new very little about accutane) so i convinced myself that drinking alcohol would turn me yellow haha! i was fed up of being the sober one all the time in the pub so i decided to just risk it and wahey im not yellow, i had a good night and didnt drink excessively! i was absolutely fine drinking and now im happy because i can still have a social life :)

silly i know but with not having monthly bloodtests i got very paranoid.

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drinking on accutane isn't that big of a deal. most people will be fine to do it. a large number of accutane users on here drank during their course. i personally got drunk a lot whilst on accutane.. at one point i got drunk every day for about 2 weeks, and i was fine.

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Your Derm gave you the impression that every time you drink you run the chance of turning yellow? That's pretty shoddy doctoring!

What she means is that accutane is metabolised by the liver, which is required to filter other toxins from your blood. Alcohol is also metabolised there, so if you liver is having to clear large amounts of booze+tane for a long time then the toxins might not be removed as effectively, leading to jaundice (the yellowing of skin/eyes). Basically you'd have to have a weak liver (which is unlikely at our age), or be an alcoholic, to tax your liver enough to get jaundiced.

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