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Hopeful lad

Iodine causes acne? dont eat fish?

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id read literature on iodine causing acne, and said to avoid seafood.

so should i not be eating salmon, makrel, sardines, tuna and haddock?


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You might want to avoid certain things like sushi (because of the kelp which is very high in iodine). Fish is high in iodine too, but I don't think eating it a couple times a week should be a problem, as long as you aren't eating lots of other foods that are also high in iodine (things with iodized salt, kelp, vitamins containing kelp, organ meats)

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Theres two sides to fish, because on one side, its full of omega 3 and therefore anti-inflammatory, and on the other side some people think that iodine aggravates acne. Considering that, I think it evens out and is fine, especially if you doing a diet where thats the only big iodine source your getting and aren't eating a ton of it.

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Or realize that the degree to which iodine affects acne in relation to how much you are getting... is almost non existant. Iodine isn't the reason which we are suffering, more than likely it's everything else. But the only way you can be sure is to test it out. Try to go without taking any iodine, then go back on it, chances are it won't be any difference. :think:

I don't know, just my opinion, can't really be sure either

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can anyone tell me why there are iodines in seafoods? and maybe in dairy products?

btw seafoods are good b/c they have high omega-3

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i'm guessing because the sea is the primary source of iodine/iodide in nature

and there are MANY whole foods that are overall "healthy" for you but it seems that not all overall healthy foods are positive for your skin

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The points about things in moderation are good ones. Although I disagree with those who posted about iodine not being strongly related to acne flares. For those who are prone to acne (so, pretty much all of us here!), too much iodides in the diet can lead to acne flares. This is the reason that "greasy" foods (e.g. french fries, potato chips, etc.) may be linked to acne - its not the grease in the food - it is the iodized salt that is the real culprit. Many people also have problems with multivitamins that contain kelp.

As far as sushi goes, I love it too, but for me its not worth having broken out skin. Sushi is bad for several reasons: fish is moderately high in iodine, and kelp and soy sauce are VERY high in iodine. Its a triple whammy for your skin. Fish on its own, in moderation, is probably ok though.

And with the kinds of foods we eat now, most people get far too much iodine in their diets. We only need to ingest trace amounts of this mineral to keep our thyroids functioning. Most people ingest far more than they need. The excess cannot be stored in the body, so it is excreted. The iodine that is excreted through the skin cause irritation and inflamation of the pores - and this is what leads to acne flares.

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