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medicated moisturizer

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hi currently im skipping on BP in the morning... lately i just have these clogged pores and whiteheads and stuff like that... so i was lookin through and found this:


i was thinking of using this as my medication in the morning AND as a moisturizer... now i never tried these things before so im not sure how its gonna turn out

does anyone else use medicated moisturizer?

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If you want to use a well-formulated salicylic acid product, you should try Paula's Choice BHA's. The medicated moisturizer from Neutrogena might be too irritating for your skin, it even contains fragrance. Many people, myself included, have had very good results from using 2% BHA. =]

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I used that lotion back in the day as one of the many things I tried before I tried Dan's regimen. It's not very moisturizing at all, I think you would have trouble using it as a standalone moisturizer with BP. It's supposed to be one of the better-formulated drugstore SA products around, but at least on its own, that one did nothing for my skin besides make it smell weird. I wasn't a fan of it. You might like it, though I would definitely not recommend using it on your face at the same time as BP.

If you want SA, I think alternating it with BP would be better than trying to use them at the very same time. You're already using BP only at night, so I think it would be very natural to try either that Neutrogena lotion, Paula's BHA, or Dan's SA lotion (when it comes out) as morning medication (with SPF put on afterwards of course).

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I've never tried that particular product before, but back in the day I tried Proactiv's Repairing Lotion (2.5% BP) which worked pretty well as long as you applied it heavily. I really liked that it was part moisturizer, part BP medication, and it worked pretty well. Unfortunately, it had a very APPALLING odor (we're talking BAD, especially when it was applied in such large amounts!) so I dropped the stuff.

The product was pretty good, except for the smell. But if anyone wants to give it a try, I would not recommend using it with the entire proactiv system because some of the other products aren't very gentle or effective. I've never tried it in DKR.

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