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Picking the right DERM

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ok so my family doctor referred me to this derm who I think really doesn't care. why I say this is because anytime I go and visit her I sit in her office for 5 mins, she writes me a prescription for benzaclin and sends me on my way home. I would say my acne is mild but im really getting tired of treating my face two times a day. the sides of my face were clear for a whole month but just recently I had 5 little zits appear out of know where. it seems when my face is looking good I always get a new zit somewhere on my face. i've been suffering with acne since I was 17 (im 22 now), i've quit college twice, missed out on alot of activites with friends and try to stay away from people just because of my face. I know my face isnt as bad as some on this site but my confidence hit rock bottom. what gets me mad is that my derm doesn't ask me questions (what foods I eat, do I exercise etc...) she just looks at my face and prescribes me the same thing over and over.

when my acne was really bad my family doctor asked me if I smoke...I said no but in reality I do smoke pot. im a really heavy smoker so im starting to question myself, why did my doctor ask me that question? i've researched and couldn't find true evidence about smoking causing acne. I wish I wasn't such a heavy smoker because its hard to stop smoking...but im really thinking about stopping to see what happens.

anyways I really want to find a new derm, one that I feel cares...one that he or she will ask questions trying to minimize whats really causing me to break out. do I have to go through my family doctor to find another derm? he had to write out a referral for me to take to my derm so she could take a look at me (probably for insurance purposes?). the last time I picked my prescription up the pharmacist asked me which derm I use, I told him and he recommended someone but I forgot who it was. how do you guys find your derms? can smoking pot inhibit acne?

my face isnt that bad for accutane but my face never stays clear...i'll be clear for 2-3 weeks and i'll have another breakout. i've been through alot of pain in my life, im willing to take accutane if it keeps my clear for good. the probelm is finding the right derm that understands what i've been going through the pass 5-6 years :(

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