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I have moderate acne on my forehead, mostly in my "t-zone" and near the hairline. I use Duac topical gel (5% BP, 1% clindamycin) with DKR; before I started the regimen, I used to just spot treat with it.

Now that I am applying a ridiculously large amount of BP on my forehead, the sensation is a bit different. Duac does NOT cause my face to really redden or flake, but when I apply so much to my face, it just feels like a big mask. I feel like my pores can't "breathe". It still works well enough, but feels pretty nasty!

Is Dan Kern's BP light? Does it make your skin feel clogged? And most importantly, is it as effective as other BP medications?

I have a hunch that any BP gel is supposed to feel so.. uh, mask-like when it's applied so heavily. So maybe I should just suck it up?

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I think that Duac is somewhat thicker than Dan's gel, so that would explain the mask sensation. I've also found from personal experience that using a few drops of jojoba oil all over my face after cleansing but before applying BP reduces any feeling of tightness or overdryness, so that might help in your case too.

Dan's gel is really awesome, though, and if you continue to feel uncomfortable with the Duac, I think switching would do the trick. Dan's gel is as light as a BP gel can get when you're putting gobs of it on your face. I feel like my skin can breathe with it on, no clogging or suffocating feeling. It has been very effective for me, though you might need to take some time to figure out the right effective amount to use with Dan's since you're using a 5% BP presently rather than a 2.5% BP.

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Slightly off topic, but kind of related, what's the difference between Duac and Benzaclin? Aren't they both BP + Clindamyacin or am I mistaken?

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