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Guys, how often do you shave and what brands do you use?

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I use the Gillette Sensor Excel with Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream (the kind in the white and purple tube). I shave every other day. I use a new blade every time and never use the same one twice. I'm wondering if it's better to shave every day or not, because that can be harsh on your skin. Dan said he doesnt use shaving cream, but a Purpose Bar instead in the shower. Any luck with this? Thanks guys

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i personally shave everyday. i probably dont need to but i think its less irritation shaving a little stubble everyday rather than letting it build up so its tougher to get through. i also like shaving everyday as it is a good form of exfoliation which i think helps me alot.

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Personally I think shaving every 2 days is best.I tend to get alot of irritation when shaving daily,but when I leave it 2 days or more n then shave,I dont,but thats me.

I use Gillette Sensor Razor and Tendskin Air Shave Gel.

The Tendskin shave gel is excellent and it provides unreal slip for the closest shave.I would recommend it 100%.It doesnt dry out either on the face and doesnt foam either.

Its ideal for anyone with sensitive skin etc.

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