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assess my acne (pictures)

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I'm pretty sure this is severe, although I have no acne anywhere else but my cheeks. Does anyone with similar acne have any suggestions? Accutane is out of the question because I can't afford it and the side effects don't seem worth it. Already tried the regimen, but it doesn't help with cysts -- might even make them worse.

user posted image

user posted image

so disfiguring sad.gifsad.gif And I dream about my acne every night.

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the picture is kinda blurry, but look on the bright side, the acne is only on your cheeks. if you can prevent further break outs and once those clear up, youll only have remaining marks there. some people have them all over their face and thats tough.. theres no way you can ocver your whole face with make up. i read your post in the other forum, have you done research on what may be your cause of acne and a treatment? good luck

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i had the same type of cystic acne on the cheeks, and only on the cheeks, during my first year of college, and it has left its mark. I'd say my condition was worse than yours. My whole cheek was totally red and bumpy and scary-looking.

I went on accutane because I had a co-pay plan on every prescription. So I'd get $150 worth of accutane for just $10. It helped some. Now, ~5 years later, I still get the occasional itchy red cystic bump on my cheeks. But my skin is pretty smooth for the most part. It took 5 years to shed off the damaged skin.

Before I went on accutane, I started drinking lots of herbal tea. Ginseng tea specifically. It's cheap, and it takes some getting used to the bitter taste. It seemed to reduce the cysts. Whether it was the ginseng that helped, or just the hot water.... I dunno.

Now, I just use a sh*tload of benzoyl peroxide on my cheeks. It seems to control the cysts.

If you can't afford expensive rx, I'd suggest you start with drinking lots of cheap hot herbal tea for a few weeks. It sounds like your cysts might be a one-time thing, and not chronic.

If nothing cheap works........ maybe it might be worth the couple hundred bucks to get medical treatment.

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Ennui, you say accutane is out of the question, but I don't think you should rule it out. It may be expensive, but so is buying all these topicals and over the counter stuff. Not to mention preventing scars that cost a fortune to deal with later. Plus, from your other posts you sound very depressed. Maybe you should grab the bull by the horns and go for it. My daughters friend who is 14 took accutane for 6 mos, and now her skin is perfect. She had much worse skin than my daughter, and now her skin looks 100x better. My daughters Dr. says her kind of acne doesn't get cured by accutane, which stinks. It would be nice just to have it over with. If you're as depressed as you sound, please reconsider...or tell us you're ok so we won't worry.

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Hey ennui

Its not that bad girl. dont worry about it

I had something like yours but alittle less inflamed. Problem was it was ALL over my face.

The quick fix of course is accutane. but you pay for it, from your wallet AND from your body.

I would not reccomend accutane unless its your absolote last resort.

the damn thing does work. but you feel like complete shit whille you are using it.

Ever since i took accutane my eye sight has deteriorated a little bit, my lips are always chapped, my hair got a bit thinner. And i know it fucked up my liver.

To be honest with you I dont know if its worth it. Accutane works damn good. but the side effects are very bad.

It got rid of everything on my face. All are left are red marks and some scarring. red dots etc. I hope this will go lesson in time

IF accutane is out of the question, i highly reccomend you eat right and not eat junk food. eat good food helps alot.

IF you need help with a diet let me know if you are interested.

Since you have Nodulare cystic acne dont even bother takeing topiclas or face creams. gels. ITs pretty usless. stuff like this usually for moderate to mild acne. I wasted way too much money on that stuff. Just forget it.

IF you can get on tetracycline or something to keep it under control. Other than that it just takes time.

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from the pictures I wouldn't call those cystic :-s I used to get the same more or less, kid who went to my school had cystic acne, the size of your thumb (not just the nail)

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I'm just curious...do you pick your pimples? If so, that could definitely be a large part of the problem. Please, DON'T PICK. Your spots don't look so bad, just inflamed.

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it's not that bad. leave your hands out of your face, if you are getting pimples only in the same area watch your hand and don't pic

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Thanks for all of the advice.

whoknows--I think you're right. Every time I could feel a little bump under my skin, I'd get super-paranoid and be touching it in some form or another (ice, hot compress, or just feeling it to see if it had grown at all) almost all day. I finally went to see a dermatologist who told me that my regimen (holding either ice or a hot compress to my face every second that I was home) was NOT a good idea. After one day of not touching my face at all (except to wash twice), the inflammation completely disappeared. Yesterday I found a bump under the skin that I was convinced would be a full-blown cyst by this morning, but it's completely gone today. O:) For some reason, I thought that if I *didn't* preemptively attack a non-inflammatory bump with ice and hot compresses, it would become unbearably infected. Seems the opposite is true.

I'm actually feeling a lot better this week -- the derm seemed convinced that my acne problem is a temporary one caused by my hormones being out of whack at the moment (from the stress and sleep deprivation that come so naturally to the college student). Also, I've been on break for the past month and my sleep-wake schedule has shifted DRAMATICALLY -- apparently that can confuse the body as well and lead to a breakout. Now I'm using tretinoin cream and taking minocycline, and I can already see improvement after just a few days. smile.gif The dermatologist thinks I'll be completely clear within two months, and then I shouldn't have any major problems again as long as I apply the tretinoin cream regularly. I'm feeling optimistic for now--let's hope this works!

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