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Any tips for product use in EXTREME environments?

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I've been lurking on the boards for a while and yesterday my unit got their orders and we are being deployed to Iraq. Was just hoping anyone who has any experience in the desert atmosphere could give me advice on what I could use. I've seen weather forecasts and it seems to do quite a bit of jumping from moderate 87 degrees one day and spiking to 113-120 and even sometimes a chilly 140 degrees. :rolleyes:

I've lived in CA all my life so Im definitely not going to be used to this kind of heat and dusty conditions.

I've had very very mild acne as a child(I used to think it was the end of the world back then) where I'd get maybe 1 pimple a month. During summer break before I entered high school for the first time, my acne went from 1 pimple a month to getting like 4. Would get these utter massive ones on my nose(I'd always pray to put it anywhere on my face except my nose). Went to the derm and they gave me, I think, Benzaclin. Wiped those suckers out in a few weeks and I was clean and clear for the rest of my freshman year.

It still continued to be a clear skin affair with a big pimple or two every month. Then I started University life and things got a little worse. It stopped being a "1 every month" dealio and started becoming a "5-6" a month affair with more coming before I could even wipe out the other ones. I got put on 100mg Minocycline for 2 years and that worked wonders. Back to the 1 pimple a month scenario.

Finally, my derm wanted to ween me off of the antibiotics so he gave me an emergency 1 month supply of Mino and 2 samples thingies of Benzaclin. He told me to use only the Benzaclin and if my acne got bad, start up the pills. I went 6 months with again, very very very mild acne. A few tiny bumps here and there but that was it.

Then my face started going haywire again and it's gotten pretty bad. Im down to 4 pills of my emergency Mino and it hasn't helped much.

My regime is:

Neutrogena oil free acne wash

Neutrogena on the spot BP

Clinique moisturizer.

I don't use the moisturizer much because my face doesn't really get dry or flaky like some people. My virgin skin was just tough as nails to begin with and it took the first Benzaclin BP like a champ. It's never dry so a small tube of moisturizer lasts me for like months.

Now that I have said my history it is back to the burning question:

What to use for these desert environments? I expect extreme heat in the day, freezing temps in the night with ALOT of dust. The food I'll be getting won't be anything healthy....MRE's are meant to give you energy not healthy natural supplements. One single MRE is 3000 calories(Average person needs 2000 a day), but then again when you're lugging around 70-90 pounds of equipment and are marching everywhere you tend to burn it really quickly.

Then I have to stress to contend with(which I doubt I'll ever be able to get rid of), seeing as how I'm a Combat Medic so I expect to be sent out on patrols and convoy duty with the Infantry.

Thx in advance!

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Well first off all I wish you the best in Iraq, I've had many friends go over there. So, to the face question i'd say keep up with what's working but maybe switch to Dan's bp over the neutrogena because I believe i've read the neutrogena can turn white/run on some people when they sweat. I'd also suggest getting a sunscreen or a moisturizer with a sunscreen in it for moisturization/sun protection (I like purpose spf15 moisturzer as well as Neutrogena dry touch sunblock spf55) As for nutrition purpose's i'd say maybe take some mult-vitamins/supplements with you. Hope this helps!

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