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So do sexual hormones cause more acne build up??

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We have hundreds of hormones going crazy during puberty. Everything is out of balance and growing and balancing itself.

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haha yea i no but are they a result of just puberty itself because my acne is starting to give up n ill be 15 in a couple of weeks. Does masturbating make your body produce more hormones and cause more acne? cause now i like barely do it mayb once a week and i think its helpin my acnee hehe

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Yes, actually, hormones play a big part in the texture of your skin.

You see, estrogen is the female sex hormone, and it also aids in the smoothness of your skin. Both men and women have this hormone produced naturally in their bodies, however, females have more estrogen and unfortunately, males have more testosterone which increases sebum production and secretion.

Now don't think women have it easy because they have more estrogen, because any sudden rise or drop in the normal level of estrogen in the women's body will usually cause her to have a break out. Menstruation increases the levels of estrogen which is why most women break out at this time.

And thats basically the role of hormones.

hope it helped!


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once a week?! hehe youll soon see that it will turn into 1 daily...

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