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Alright, well. I've been stalking this forum for quite a while now.

Obviously, different people respond to different things. And there are a lot of things to choose from.. How does one choose what to try, and so on? What's the best balance?

^ Assuming one's diet is relatively healthy.

I guess my point is: When it comes to picking and choosing, where do you begin? Are there certain remedies/supplements that work better for certain types of acne? And as I asked before: are there any particular combinations that work more effectively?

Not to mention, some of us are broke or just can't afford very much stuff at all.

(As for me: Last week I added Omega-3 to my daily cocktail (B-complex, zinc, vitamin C & E, selenium, and saw palmetto). My diet is gluten-free, with very little dairy and I intend to cut out sugar next. I'm 18, and my breakouts are always focused around the lower part of my face, chin area especially. Usually mild to moderate, but it's terrible during my period. ACV no longer helps.)

Any insight would be appreciated. Hrm.. You know, it would be nice if there was an official poll, or chart or something that ranked the success rate of all these remedies/supplements, according to acne type.

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fish oil is just great for the whole body

even if it doesn't help your skin (doubt it won't) it will still give you other great benefits like smooth joint movement (great for exercise)

unfortunately do see quick effects (within a few weeks) you need to overdose like 5+ grams of EPA + DHA a day

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and I intend to cut out sugar next.

What are you waiting for? It could make all the difference in the world. It did for me.

I have to wait until we actually have enough food (with no sugar).

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