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shopping 2days in a row, spent close to 1000 for shoes, purses, makeup, tops, jeans (red alarm to jeans-lovers!! citizens of humanity just came out with new jeans.. a lot of'em are superrrrrrr cuteeeeee<333) and some hair accessories.. really wanted some new bras and undies but victoria secret was so freaking packed!!! (i keep telling myself it's okay because it's not like i shop everyday... plus rush spent close to that for JUST SHOES, right!? lol. im kidding rush<3) ... that being said, i need to make the most out of new makeup, specifically eyeshadows -- to make my money worth it! so i need some help :)

from mac, i got..

-187 brush > can i use this for my loose powder mineral make up?

- lipglass in prrr > anyone tried this yet? debating whether i should use it or return it

for eyeshadows:

- flash track

- seedy pearl

- vex

- moth brown

- shale

- shroom

- vanilla pigment

- trax

- all that glitters

- silver ring

- brown down

okay so i know a few combos that look pretty awesome (Thx 2 rush)

1. flash track + vex + shale

2. moth brown + seedy pearl (i chose this over pink opal pigment..bad mistake perhaps??) + shale (instead of beautiful iris.. i had a hard time between these two!!!! beautiful iris looked so darn beautiful)

3. trax + all that glitters

................. for now, thats it! still trying to figure out ways to get the best result.. but hey more brains=better, yea? haha so please help me, ladies!!!!!!!!! :D

btw, what brush do you use for eyeshadow? i am using one from sonia K. i got it about a year ago cause it was so cheap but i am searching for a GREAT brush. let me know :)

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I would return Purrr Lipglass and exchange it for Enchantress Lipglass or Viva Glam 5 Lipglass. Purrr is really boring. Both Enchantress and VG5 are very neutral and natural looking, but just have a little more color to them. Viva Glam 5 is my all-time favorite Lipglass. You have to see them in person...don't judge by the swatches on maccosmetics.com. Some of those are really inaccurate.

Yay for new combos....

1. Brown Down + Trax + Shroom

2. Shale + Seedy Pearl + Shroom

3. Trax + Seedy Pearl + All That Glitters

4. Flashtrack + Shale + Vanilla Pigment

5. Moth Brown + Shale + Shroom

6. Silver Ring + Flashtrack + Vanilla Pigment

7. Trax + Silver Ring + Shroom

8. Vanilla Pigment + Flashtrack

9. Seedy Pearl + Shale

10. Shale + Vex + Shroom + Flashtrack to line

11. Vex + Seedy Pearl + All That Glitters

I would exchange Seedy Pearl for Pink Opal Pigment.

As for brushes, I use MAC 213 for application and MAC 224 for blending. If you only want to get one, GET THE MAC 224. That brush is freaking amazing. It makes blending so easy.

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I love love love Viva Glam V!! Defo follow Rush's advice on that, tis gorgous!

Only eyeshadow I have on your list is all that glitters which I (again) love. But I really do love it. Another one of my recent purchases was Pink Venus, tis so pretty.

No one beats MAC for eyeshadows, I love em they are sooo good and their colours rock!

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haha okay ill definately return the lipgloss.. i knew i shouldnt have gotten them.. uggghhh.. but maybe ill exchange it for viva glam or Enchantress Lipglass :)

btw, o dear.. those combos sound freakin awesome rush! haha im SOO going to try them all starting tomorrow! woohoo!!! so excited :D ill let u know which one looked the best on my dark brown eyes ;]

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