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Hey people

Today I went and bought a Panoxyl BP 5% cream. I could have either bought it in a acnegel (alcoholic gel) or aquagel (aqueous gel) but I got the cream because its cheaper!

I just wanted to know which version is the best

Also the strength i got was 5% because that has always worked with me. Should I have got 10% instead?

Heres a link to a site that shows the different options i had:


Id be really grateful to someone if they can check and tell me if I made a good choice. Thanks

PS. Sorry for making this post longer .... my spots are really red and inflamed and I heard about a new type of acne medicine called freederm. It contains nicotinamide which is supposedly good for inflammation. Heres a link to it:


My questions are:

1) Can I use Freederm in conjunction with Benzoyl Peroxide (and if yes, do I put it on before or after BP / moisturiser)

2) Ive also heard that AHA lotions such as Lac Hydrin 5 are good for the redness. Do I put these on before of after BP / moisturising

3) Finally my skin goes really dry after using BP. I was going to use jojoba oil to help this. Do I put 3 drops of jojoba oil with my normal moisturiser and put after BP or do I use jojoba oil when I have a shower?


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If you are interested in trying DKR, then I'd suggest going to acne.org & reading through the steps thoroughly, including the "biggest mistakes" section & the FAQ.

If you are going to use another topical acne medication, then I'd suggest alternating it with BP because too many medicated topicals at once can be very drying and/or irritating & that can end up just further exacerbating acne. Plus if you don't know how that active ingredient would work with BP, then you might want to ask a pharmacist or someone who would know, just to be safe.

You could replace the morning or evening application of BP with the other medicated topical if you do decide to use them both. From what I see of the gel, you would likely apply it after washing & before moisturizing, like BP. You wouldn't apply a medicated topical before a moisturizer because then it would not absorb very well & you wouldn't receive the full benefits.

In brief, the basic DKR steps are:

1. wash for 10 seconds with a gentle cleanser, pat dry, wait several minutes

2. apply a finger of 2.5% BP & gently rub in until tacky, wait at least 5-10 minutes to dry

3. gently apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer

It's also recommended to wait to add in a moisturizer with an AHA until your skin has adjusted to the full amount of BP, so usually after the first month or longer. An AHA can take some adjustment also, so you don't want to overwhelm your skin & start both at the same time.

As for jojoba oil, it is okay with DKR to add a few drops to your moisturizer for added hydration. Some of us use a few drops before BP, but that is not strict DKR. I don't find using it before to inhibit the absorption or effectiveness of BP at all though, which sounds contradictory because it is used as a moisturizer, but some people have said this is because jojoba is a "carrier" oil & so it actually helps to absorb (not sure about how accurate that info is though). Anyhow, it is your call on whether you want to use jojoba before or after, it does help dryness either way.

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Hi there,

I would actually recommend starting with the 2.5% Panoxyl. Studies have shown that the 5% and the 10% aren't much more effective than the 2.5%, but have a huge increase in the drying effects on the skin. If you are just starting out on the regimen then definitely start with 2.5%, as your skin will be really dry, red and flakey. Also make sure you get a good moisturiser.

I can't help with Freederm, I've never used it so can't help. However, I wouldn't recommend using it in conjunction with the Panoxyl, as too many chemicals at once will really be bad for your skin. Try introducing it as either your morning or evening topical in about a month if you find that Panoxyl isn't tackling your acne.

It is hard not to jump in with both feet and try everything on the market at once, but remember that too many could damage and dry your skin, and it is quite costly too!

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