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First time on Accutane

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First time on tane, this is my day 1, I'm taking Acnetrex, a generic isotretinoin brand. My dermatologist advised me to create a log of my skin condition and side effects while on therapy, and since I'm a computer programmer, I'm gonna do it here and I'll just give the link to her, more convenient(but the real reason is so that it wouldn't be obvious that i'm doing personal logs during the time of work. hehehe...). About me:

Sex: Male

Age: 23

Height and Weight: 5'8", 133 lbs.

My Brief Acne History: I'm one of those guys that after they've wash their face, 15 mins later, you can see oil coming out of your pores again, enough to fry an egg. But luckily, only few cystic acnes not more than 4 at a time (but when I have cyst, they're really big and swollen, and painful), but I have too much whiteheads. Got my first breakout when I was 14. Used over the counter drugs, benzoyl peroxide and the like. They work at first, but my skin kinda got immuned to them (or my oil glands just got more active). Went to a derma, prescribed me topical antibiotics, clindamycin, erythromycin, they also worked at first, but as time goes by I noticed that they just don't work anymore. And, oh, not to mention those agonizing pain during pricking sessions to my face, my dermatologist use a pricking tool to remove whiteheads and injections to my swollen pimples, ouch, torture, really tear jerking. And besides I'm already 23, beyond my teenage years, my skin must not have a reason to produce that much oil and zits anymore, so I figured out that maybe my skin isn't normal and I need a permanent solution to this, or at least a cure that has long term remission. I've searched the web until I found accutane, suggested it to my dermatologist, and she said OK, I'm a good candidate for the therapy.

Accutane prescription:

20 mg/ day, may be elevated to a higher dose if my blood and liver exam results are well 1 month after taking tane. Goal is to have a total of 120 mg/kg of body weight cumulative dose over the whole course of therapy.

So this is Day 1.

Current Skin condition:

Swollen zit on the side of left side my nose, and my right brow(no, i didn't try to squeeze them). Skin is still too oily as before.

Side Effects:

None. It's still day 1. I've read from other logs that side effects are usually a week after taking tane.

Worth Mentioning:

Still using pore minimizer(topical, specially formulated by my dermatologist), morning and evening, and toner(still from my dermatologist) at the middle of the day (to prevent oil from accumulating on my face). Facial sunblock (hawaiian tropic SPF 45, unscented) before I go to office (very sunny in my country, this is a MUST). Topical erythromycin, 2 coats, on my face, morning and evening before I go to sleep - wooh, I'm hoping that I wouldn't have to go though all these hassles again after therapy.

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Hey..congrats on starting ur course..hope all goes well and will check on ur progress every so often :dance:

I started today aswel but on 50 mg!!

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Day 2, 3, 4

Current Skin condition:

No Zit but lots of whiteheads. Still oily skin.

Side Effects:

Skin a bit itchy on Day 4. I think the drug is starting to do its job.

Worth Mentioning:

I got my new eye glasses today. I've read that one of the side effects of accutane is dry eyes, which will make it intolerable to contact lenses, so I'm training my eyes to get used to wearing eyeglasses again.

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