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=D> Hola peeps!

Just emailing ya'll just to let you know, that my Acne has been doing a nice job of clearing up...I have used a lot of different over the counter acne meds, but I find the Mary Kay Deep Cleanser formula 3, Totally Juicy Grape face masque, and Oxy Balance Deep cleansing shower gel for the body and face, of course I can't forget Lever 2000 too! To be the best products to use. I have just used these products on a spontaneous basis. Nothing consistant, and nothing has been used completely.

I think that in time, it does go away in about 4-6 years, if not, then see a dermatolegist. Just letting ya'll know, that I have used these products, and have gotten cleared up. I have a good tip for girls who wear make-up, but hate breaking out. Lemme know if you would like it!

~Slinky biggrin.gif

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Wow, that's great that your acne has cleared, but it's my guess that those products have nothing to do with it. To see results, you need to have some sort of consistent routine. The fact that you are inconsistent shows me that you have most likely outgrown your acne. I'm not sure where you're getting the "4-6 years" statistic from...? I've had adult onset acne for 8 years and counting.

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