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Confused about Dosage

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Hey guys I started Isotetrin 3 days ago and am slightly confused about the dosage. My doctor had told me he would be putting me on 40mgs a day; however, the prescription box reads take 1 40mg pill twice daily. From reading the various Accutane logs on this forum, it seems that starting on 80mgs is awfully high. I would consider my acne to be somewhere between moderate and severe -- leaning towards the moderate side.

When people say they are taking 40mg a day, does this mean that they are taking 40 milligrams twice daily, or 20 milligrams twice daily?

Does Accutane need to be taken twice -- once in the morning and once at night? I ask this because I am wondering if it's possible to take only one dose of 40mgs a day.

I'm going to start my log in this thread once I buy my digital camera this week.

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first of all, i wish you the best of luck during your course, im 11 days into my course and am in the middle of a bad IB :(

to answer your question, theres 3 types of accutane pills (that i know of), they are 20, 40 and 80mg.

im on 60mg a day so i take 3 x 20mg, i think your prescription is printed wrong if your derm said take 40mg a day you only need to take 1 of your pills.

and about people taking 40mg a day on this forum, yes they just take 40mg, not 2 x 40mg.

hope you understand that, good luck again!

- L

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80mg isn't uncommon. That's what I started on and stayed on.

You DO need to call your doc and check what the dosage is really supposed to be. It sounds like the doc wrote the prescription for 2 x 40 a day, as you wrote, so the pharmacist had to dispense it as such. Since the doc told you 40mg a day, I'd call to check with your doc.

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