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Skin getting very oily

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Hi, I'm new in the forum:) My problem has been moderate acne which started when I was 17 or 18, now I'm 21.. I used to have 3 to 9 breakouts at once on my face and basically it would never be clean, started using BP 10% which worked quite well and reduced my breakouts by more than half but made my face very oily and it seems to get worse everyday. 4 hours after washing my face my nose and forehead look very shiny.. and It's very boring to be so careful about my face..

I heard about some medication(not accutane) you can take orally and apparently it reduces acne and oil greatly but forgot the name of it, if you know the name post it please.

BTW do you guys know any online store with quite a variety of acne treatments, moisturizers etc? I need one that ships to EU. Thanks in advance.

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You might want to try a lower concentration of benzoyl peroxide. 10% can be very irritating and drying, and can make your skin produce excess oil to compensate. I'd suggest going down to 2.5% or 5%. It should be just as effective but may help with your oil problem. Also, you can get some oil blotting cloths at the drug store for a few dollars. Use those throughout the day to blot excess oil.

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I'm sorry but I disagree. Benzoyl peroxide works extremely well for me. You can't make generalizations like that for everyone. Everyone reacts differently to different treatments.

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