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A lex

Need some good advice

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What I'm looking for:

A technique [washing, or products] to prevent all the oil that comes oozing out of my nose and forehead easily, even without sunlight.

How to clean my face so my nose doesn't peel and become irritated like it does easily.

So, I don't really know what to do with my type of skin. Now I can't complain, unlike most people on here it seems, I have been fortunate enough to not have had severe acne in my early teen years yet. Up until about a year ago, I didn't have any at all.

Although the symptoms are mild, they are definetly there and have decreased my self-esteem a bit.

Skin type: Combination, oily in T-ZONE dry on cheeks and around mouth

Severity: Moderate

Type: Clogged, enlarged pores (wasn't always this way), Large amounts of oil on my nose (yuck)

What are the best ways to clean your face on a daily basis?

My skin is sensitive, mainly on my nose, so when I use almost anything it irritates, and peels, which is not fun.

Should I use a washcloth to clean, or are there good cleansers to use?

And in the shower..since I cannot use a bar of soap on my nose due to sensitivity, what is a good alternative (such as a body soap/wash)

Thank you!


What are some really effective OTC products for SUPER OILY skin in my t-zone?

I tried Neutrogena Oil Control and all it did was dry my skin.

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