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((don't know if this is the right forum for pictures... Yes, I am a bit lost :blink:))

Okay, so I woke up this morning and BAM! Nasty pimples, but I don't know how to categorize them into what they are... I think I have severe acne, but really I'm very unsure right now. I just found this site a couple a days ago and I just joined. SO! any help would be great.... here are some pictures. I really need some help and advice.... Please!!! T_T





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aww.. i'm asian too and i have pretty much the same condition. Acne and asian complexion don't mix well. As for tips, put some ice on it to make the inflammation die down.

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Oh definitely put some ice on the very red spots. Wrap the ice in paper towel or thin cloth towel and put ice on for two minutes, then two minutes off. It will really reduce the inflammation, swelling, and pain.

What is your current regimen, as in how are you presently treating your acne?

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What kind of cleanser are you using? One the derm recommended? How long have you been using the Taz? In the first few months of use those creams make one break out worse. After about three months of use you should definitely see improvement. If you've been using it longer than that, please ask your derm for more options or a different treatment.

It looks like you might need to ask the dermatologist for more help anyway since your acne is so very inflamed. You might need a short term course of antibiotics to kick the bacteria in the butt and knock it flat on its back. If you do use antibiotics, please do look into probiotic supplementation. Actually, probiotics wouldn't hurt to take daily anyway to help your digestive system behave itself.

Please only wash twice a day with warm water. A cool water rinse will feel very good after you've washed and rinsed your face once. It will soothe the inflammation as well. Then you could ice the inflamed lesions.

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