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Blackheads falling off my skin...question?

Today I woke up and noticed probably double the amount of blackheads on my nose and some new ones on my cheeks (never had them there before). It looked like somone sprinkled pepper on my face (no joke).

Under closer inspection, they looked different then usual, almost like they were little bits sitting on my skin and not actually in my skin - if that makes any sense.

I took a kleenex and gently squeezed a few area of my nose. They rolled off of my nose like little grains of pepper or salt. It is the weirdest thing. I did not touch me cheeks but gently squeezed my nose in a few areas and they just fell away.

I am going to be so tempted to squeeze these little guys off so my question is, is it ok to gently squeeze these out OR should I just let them fall out. I don't want to risk damage to the pores so am just wondering what peoples experiences are with these.

BTW, I've had blackheads on my nose since I was probably 12.

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if i were you ,just let it come out naturally.. if you forcefully remove the blackheads it will probably leave a deep mark on your nose..which takes a long time to disappear..mine is still here after a year..


okay?! :

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Let them just fall out....don't squeeze or pick. After you take a shower rub the area gently with a soft towel......some will fall out then. Evrty time you take a shower do this. Eventually this will stop happening all together......

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^What she says.

Cool! That means the Accutane is already being effective for you.

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