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Please whip me up a good starter recipe for asprin mask and ACV

Ive been reading about these topics everywhere, and it would be great if someone could explain into detail how I can start the ACV treatment, as well as the asprin mask.

It just seems kinda weird to put "food" and "pills" on my face, but know they can benefit from the posts Ive read here.

Just a good "recipe" to start off with would be great. I wont be doing them at the same time, but I was curious which one had better results in getting rid of red marks. Do these treatments also help in reducing active pimples? Will the ACV solution have a watery consistency or be kind of thick? because Ive heard you leave it on for 10 minutes, but wasnt sure how that would be possible if it is watery. Thank you so much!

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Hey there :) ACV is a watery substance, not lumpy/thick

What i would do is this, in the morning, mix up 3parts water to 1 part ACV in a cup, and apply that to your face using a cotton wool ball or pad.

Leave that on for the rest of the day.

At night, crush up 8 soluble (no coating) using a rolling pin and some cling-film/food wrap, add to a cup. Then add about a teaspoon of water to make it into a paste.

Apply this to your face over you BHA 2%, and leave till the next morning.

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You don't have to crush the aspirin. They dissolve easily.

Also, dilute the ACV with green tea for even more benefits. It's anti-androgen and anti-inflammatory.

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