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I've noticed that there's lots of people on here looking for UK derms and most people come back with the same one... Dr Chu.

Anyhows, I've got some mild/moderate scarring for which I've had some treatment and am already pleased with the improvement so-far. After researching different treatments on this board I've shopped around the UK and thought I'd just give a bit of info on the different people / procedures....


http://www.wessexskin.com - Dr G M Fairris, winchester

He was great - charged £120 for the consultation but seemed very professional. He does 100%TCA pin-point, subcision, some laser.etc

In the end, however, I think he reckoned my scarring was either too mild or I was too soon off roaccutane (6 months) and he just prescribed Retin-A and referred me for some 532 and 1064nm Nd-Yag for rosacea and some slight resurfacing


Dr Ash Dutta - Aesthetic Beauty Centre, Newcastle-upon-tyne

(Free initial consultation)

I went here because he was offered fraxel and said if I wasn't pleased with the results he'd think about doing a subcision.

Although I had two fraxels done by him, he was definitely more in it for the money. I wasn't really happy in that I would have liked him to go deeper (although at the time it did seem very painful) and the second time it was his wife who performed it.

3.) Dr Stephen Murdoch


Dr Murdoch has really impressed me. He also charges £120 for the initial consultation, however, really does seem to be a pro. He used the Palomer Lux1540 on me, which is supposed to be nearly equivalent to the fraxel-2, and went very deep. He charged less than the others had for the procedure and was incredibly professional using top-quality products, leaving the anaesthetic on for an hour so the procedure was far more bearable. He was far more focussed with the areas he was treating... and although recovery time was significant (10-14 days) (I'm skin type 1) I'm already pleased with the results. He also preforms subcisions and various other procedures.

Hope this is helpful to someone!!


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