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well, it has been 9 days since my dd started her new regimen from the acne clinic she went to. My dd has non-inflamed acne with an occasional pustule usually around her time of the month. Her acne is mostly around her mouth and chin. But the last few weeks she had been getting the bumps along her jawline and a few on her cheeks.

Her Regimen


cleansing gel

ice face for 2 minutes

glyco toner

glyco acid 10% every other day

hydrating emulsion

oil free moisturizing sunblock


cleansing gel

ice face 2 minutes

glyco toner

hydrating emulsion

BP 5% on cheeks

BP 10% around mouth and chin

Had kind of a set back on her regimen due to her job as a white water raft guide. It has been kind of hard for her to use the glyco acid when she has to be out in the sun so much. Laura suggested she use the glyco twice a week. So, she has used the glyco acid about 3 times so far since she started her regimen on 6-19. Tuesday her face looked pretty good. I noticed that quite a bit of her flesh colored bumps had gone away. But she still has a fair amount on her chin and around the bottom part on her mouth to the side. Yesterday she used the glyco. She hasn't been having any flaky or peeling skin as of yet. Last night it appeared as if most her bumps along her jawline had flattened out. She still has dark spots and discoloration around her mouth from old flare ups, but her skin tone still looked about 50% better. Then late last night after she applied her BP I noticed alot her redness came back to her face. I don't know if it is the BP or the glyco that caused this. Today she was still pretty red and had a couple of flared spots on her top lip kind of look like cold sores. Skin tone looked kind of uneven. Her skin just looked kind of angry. No glyco today. She went camping tonight so she won't be using any products tonight. Hope it will be ok. Anyway, she was pretty excited that she was appering to clear up, but was bummed today she was so red again and looking bumpy with the couple of flare ups. I don't know if Tuesday was the calm before the storm. Maybe she is starting to have some kind of IB. Also noticed she has a couple of under the skin bumps on the side of her nose. She never broke out in that area before. Well, she goes for a follow up on the 10th so we'll just have to wait it out and see what happens. I was thinking about suggesting her use the BP every other night and see if that helps with redness. Or maybe alower % of BP.

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I understand the frustration - but remember that the more that you alter their regimen (reducing the glycolic, lowering the BP, skipping nights), it may not work as well or she may not clear as fast. These regimens do not work in just a few weeks - it takes 2-3 months to really see the most progress. Go back and read my log from the beginning - my skin looked not-so-good at times during the first 6-7 wks or so.

This regimen works because they do use the strongest products your skin can handle, and the products need to be used on a consistent, frequent basis. Otherwise, you may not get the optimum results. Feel free to tell them what is going on with her skin and your concerns, but let them make the suggestion about altering her regimen, if they think it is necessary. And trustthem - they are very good at what they do there and have very high success rates at clearing acne, when their prescribed regimen is followed.

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