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the scrubs are for mild acne. it DOES help people with mild acne.

if you have severe acne - the grainy scrubs will just spread it.

i used scrubs, my most recent being acnexus.

i talked to my DR about it, and he said with my type of acne (severe) this was AWFUL and i had to stop because i was only making it worse!!!

i still use an exfoliant, but its not the scrub kind! its a salicylic acid gel that dissolves the dead skin cells instead of scrubbing them away!

i think there are more out there, but the one i use is murads gel exfloiant.

a lot of people hate murad, but i think if you use the right products together it can be very helpful. i dont do the regimin. i made my own. check it out!

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I agree! Back when I went to a derm and he saw my bottle of st Ives he flipped (ok not really) but he definately advised me to stay away from scrubs (eg manual grainy scrubs) all together as it would only further irritate my skin. (and I had/have depending on my skin's mood that day mild/moderate acne).

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wow who knew that could have been the reason my acne's gottenbetter after not using such srubs ><;;

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I'm in the same boat. My cheeks were covered in acne and bumps, and now I can say its smoother. Been using BHA, cetaphil cleanser. I stopped using BHA recently because I switched to use some BP instead but I think I'm planning to switch back. Two days ago I had a little burst of acne though =(, don't know what it was from. I got one on my upper lip and three on my forehead all in one day. Now my skin feels a lot smoother but lighting still reveals a lot of red marks / scars.

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