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Hi guys,

my family doctor is about 2 hours away from where im residing (at my college campus). So I want to go to a derm but requires a referral. If I go to the clinic at my college, will the doctor there be able to refer me? I mean he/she does not have my medical record right? can only my family doctor do this?


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I don't see why a doctor at a clinic cannot refer you :shrug:

No doctor has my medical record, cuz I have no regular doctor. I used to go to clinics for my yearly check up. Why don't you just call the clinic & ask? It can't hurt....will you have to pay for the clinic? I never had to when I was a student....I even got my BC pills free.

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I go to the student health clinic at my school. I originally asked about being referred to a dermatologist, but my NP (nurse practitioner) said she'd only refer me to one if I hadn't had any improvement after 9 months with her.

I came in with severe, partially genetic, and partially medication-related acne. I thought seeing a derm right away would be pretty reasonable. Severe acne. Multiple causes. Already on lots of meds. Can't use some standard acne meds. Full recovery not a realistic goal. Complicated. Very complicated.

My psychiatrist actually explained more about my acne, its causes, its causes for me, and how the medications the NP prescribed me work, complete with the requisite disclaimer that dermatology isn't his specialty. (He rocks, btw.)

That said, I've had a lot of improvement, so I feel bad bitching about her. I might be missing something, but she's given me some misinformation, too, which makes nervous, but again, her treatment is working.

So, about your actual question, clinic doctors/NPs can refer you to a dermatologist. In my experience, though, they might be a bit reluctant to.

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