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It's Lauren yo

questions about metrogel

ok so a few months ago in march i asked the derm about the redness that i have. she gave me samples of metrogel and finacea..i didnt try either cause i was still using differin and i just didnt feel like using both. plus i dont think my face is that red. so i went back to the derm a week and a half ago..just for a check up i guess. she asked about them and i told her i didnt use them and she was all shocked and whatnot and it was dumb. it's my face and i will do what i want. i am happy with my face ever since starting yasmin. but yea, so she is like you can stop the differin and try metrogel. so since i've been told i can stop differin, i've decided to start the metrogel. i havent started yet but am tonight. the derm didnt say i have rosacea (which i already knew) but i have some redness. it should work for this right? my mom said she used it a while ago when she got red from whatever reason and that it worked (she doesnt have rosacea either). my question is..should i use it all over my face or just where it is red? which is my cheeks and the center of my chin for some odd reason. i get flustered easily and sometimes my face feels hot but this only happens when i get nervous (and i dno if i get really red cause there is no mirror around) and i also get really red when i am outside and it's super hot. also when i put lotion on my face it gets red for a bit then fades. it's like the slightest touching of my face makes it red. is this normal? i dont recall this happening until like a year ago. but yea any comments would be appreciated.

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I use the Metrogel just on the areas that area red from outbreak, usually my central face around my nose (always), my cheeks near my nose and sometimes my chin. My "target" area changes somewhat (it gets bigger, smaller, moves left, right, etc.), so I adjust where I use the Metrogel sometimes daily. The Metrogel doesn't seem to have any effect on my flushing or blushing, but it definitely keeps the outbreak under control.

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