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I'm a 19/f with MODERATE - SEVERE ACNE

Hey everyone! I decided to make a log of my experience using prescribed benzamycin topical gel and doxycycline pills.


I'm a 19-year-old Asian female college student in the States. My mom had acne when she was an adolescent, so it wasn't surprising that I got a bad part of her genes. Since I was 12, I started breaking out. Most of it was just pimples on my forehead. I had breakouts here and there on my face, but it seemed to me like normal, adolescent pimples.

When It Got Worst

When I was 17 and in my last year of high school, that's when it got worst. My skin only broke out with small pimples, so I stopped caring for my skin. I’d come home from working at a fast food restaurant, with makeup and oil on my face, and just go to sleep. My mom kept nagging at me to care for my skin, but I didn’t care because she nagged on me for every little thing that year.

Slowly, I could see that my skin was getting worse and worse. Living at home, my mom made me use the stuff she thought was best for my skin: an overdrying face wash and oily lotion. Didn't help me much.

When I started college in August 2006, that's when I decided to care for my skin. It was already bad at this time, and I had no idea what to use to make my face better.

It got really bad this past December (2006). And it hasn't gotten any better.

All the products I've tried since August 2006:


L'Oreal Special Care Acne Response Daily Adult Acne Regimen

-It burned my face and made my acne worse. I used this for like a week.


Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Cleanser



Clean & Clear Advantage Oil-Free Acne Moisturizer

and after the moisturizer:


Celostoderm (which I dont think really did much for my skin)

My skin was okay until last week when:

I decided my acne was getting better...and I should try to get rid of the red marks and scars.

So I tried:



WORST thing I could've done to my face. I should've known better than to put OIL on my skin since my skin was already oily.

So you can imagine. My face broke out in small zits. My skin was super oily and VERY, VERY BUMPY!

I looked like I could've been a BURN victim or something.

I had had enough with trying to battle with acne, so I called my mom and told her I needed to go see a doctor IMMEDIATELY!

Why did I wait so long? There was a lot going on financially and medically in my family, so I had to wait until everything settled down.

So on Tuesday, June 26, 2007, I started using benzamycin topical gel & doxycycline pills.

My pimples & bumps are going away, but I still have pimples on my chin and on my lower cheeks (my sensitive areas).

And also, I know TODAY after reading that I shouldn't use the face wash & moisturizer with salycic acid when I'm using benzamycin!

I'm going out to buy some new face wash & moisturizer. I will keep you all updated as time progresses!

My regime:

Morning (Usually 9am): SHOWER & wash face with _________ face wash (going out to buy face wash)

Apply benzamycin

Wait a couple of minutes and apply __________ moisturizer (going to buy moisturizer)

-Take 1 pill of 100mg doxycycline

Evening (9 or 10 pm): SHOWER if I worked out today & wash face with _________ face wash (going out to buy face wash)

Apply benzamycin

Wait a couple of minutes and apply __________ moisturizer (going to buy moisturizer)

-Take 1 pill of 100mg doxycycline

Go to bed 1 hour after taking pill.

And most of course, during the day, I will drink lots and lots of water!

I hope things work for me! My self-esteem is pretty low right now....I don't even want to leave my bedroom ;____;



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Hey there! Several years ago, I was on 100mg per day of doxycycline and using Benzamycin at night. It didn't do much for my skin, but then my dosage of doxycycline got upped to the same dosage as you, 200mg per day. Within a week, I would say that 50% of my acne disappeared. I was pretty much 95% after a month and the only thing I had left were red marks. It carried on working fine for about 15 months, but I think I then started to develop some resistance to it. Around about the time that started happening, they stopped making Benzamycin in the UK for 6 months and my skin just ERUPTED! Hopefully, you should see some good progress on this regime you're on and I'll watch out for your updates.

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I glad to hear your doing better. I started breaking out like crazy this past spring and summer because of hormones and didn't know what to do. My face has gotten so much better though with spironolactone and yaz and also some laser treatments. I quick tip though, when you are shopping for a new cleanser and moisturizer make sure you get something gentle that isn't abrasive on your face or have real strong medication in it. I learned my lesson with this because I was using harsh scrubs on my face only making my acne worse. I hope you continue to get better! Just remember there is always a light at the tunnel you just gotta hang in there!

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