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Using BP whilst on Differin?

I've been using Differin for almost a month now, and well I wondered if it's possible to combine it with BP? As differin is only applied once a day (at night for me), I could (if it was recomeneded) apply the Differin at night, and BP in the day. Would this be ok? and would anyone recomend it?

Oh and by the way, I'm currently also on Erythromycin Tablets 250mg (2 tablets twice a day, so 1g a day) Have been using that for the same ammount of time as the differin.

Any tips/advice/stories from your own experiences would be of great help as always


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You could certainly try using one in the morning, the other at night. You'll want to get a non-medicated cleanser (no salicylic acid, no benzoyl peroxide, no tea tree oil, nothing) and a better moisturizer than the one in your signature no, though, since BP really can dry you out.

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I tried adding BP while I was on Differin and it was semi-effective. Differin made me oily and red and adding BP didnt help that much, I finally switched to full-on DKR a few weeks ago and have gotten better results with that. Breakout in weeks 3 and 4 but looking good now.

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