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Trying something new and natural.

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Going to try this new natural supplement, made with Bovine Lactoferrin which is a lactate extract (so it comes from cow's milk I assume). According to the study 95% of users who used it noticed a great improvement after 2 months.

Check out the brochure:


I was on accutane, so all my real bad cysts and nodules are gone, but for the stubborn pimples that you get as a teenager, this might do the trick. Will post results.

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hmm interesting...it's derived from cow's milk...which I thought was generally bad for people with acne. maybe worth a try though. I am not thrilled that there is sucralose and sorbitol in this stuff though.

good luck...maybe I will try it too...getting so I'm willing to try anything, lol.

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Hmmm so it doesn't work for cysts and nodules?

Not necessarily. Since as far as my knowledge, cysts and nodules are caused by the same conditions that cause moderate acne. So if this product works well on moderate acne, it may help somewhat with severe acne. It's not topical, and I know for a fact topical treatments won't do anything for severe acne.

Yeah it's derived from cow's milk, but I also know that there's other things in milk that won't help prone skin.

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Just take Bovine Colostrum.

I was looking for something like that, but this medicine has more than just bovine in it and it's been backed by studies, so I don't know why it's not worth a try.

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