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Rachel's Accutane Log

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i'll start with a little backround information. i'm 18 now and i've had acne for what feels like forever. i got my first pimple when i was 10 and havent had a clear day sense. i've tried a lot of stuff and none of it worked or it worked pretty well for a while (minocycline) and then quit.

i started taking accutane on June 1 so today is day 27. waiting a month becuase of the ipledge program nearly drove me insane. i'm taking 60mg a day (i'm 130lbs so thats about 1 mg/kg/day), 20mg in the morning and 40mg in the evening.

i have noticed that my eyes are soo dry in the morning when i wake up but if i put in eye drops they feels better and are fine for the rest of the day, and when i wear my contacts my eyes start getting red after about 6 hours. i also noticed that i had dandruff which was pretty annoying, last week i put olive oil in my hair and rubbed it one my scalp as much as possible left it in for 30 minutes took a shower and boom no dandruff and shiny and extremly soft hair. i figure i'll do that a couple times a week. sometimes my arms itch but not often and only a little. i started using Aquaphor for my lips the first day i took accutane which is probably why i havent had any cracked or peeling lips yet. i use cetaphil for my face and it works wonders. i was wondering does the dryness get worse in the later months?

my skin used to be so oily and shiny no matter what i did and now its not, also my cheeks were always so red and i noticed in the first 3 days the redness start to go away which i was thirlled about, and now they are a pinkish. the acne on my face has gotten a lot better in only 4 weeks. i'm not sure if thats normal it seems like most ppl dont see much improvement till the 2nd or 3rd month but i'm not complaining. i did see a small initial breakout but thats over now and hopefully i wont breakout badly again. the acne on my back hasnt really changed. and i got 2 new nodules a couple days ago. does it usually take longer for the body acne to improve? i cant wait until it does.

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Hi Rachel Goodluck. One month in and getting better thats fantastic! Not sure about body acne I only have it on my face but sure there will be someone that will be able to help.

Goodluck Kel

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