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i was wondering if it was okay to use mederma while you're on accutane. i'll be done with accutane in less than a month. i don't have the "ice pick" scars or anything like that, it's pretty much just red marks. they really aren't bad at all. lol, as stupid as this sounds... i didn't want to have to wait until AFTER i got off accutane to start trying to get rid of it, because like 3 days after i get off accutane, i'm going out of town with my boyfriend. since, you know, i'm going to be with him for a week, and he's going to see me makeupless a whole bunch of times, i'd really like my face to look as perfect as possible by this time. it's like 3 weeks from now, which i know is not very much time, but something should be able to help somewhat.

anyway! if i can't use mederma, is there anything i CAN use? and is mederma even the best thing to use? does it work, or should i use something else?

thanksss in advance.

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hm, honestly when you are on the tane you really shouldn't put any extra medicine on your face other than mosturizers. plus, even if you DO start applying mederma on your face, it won't really do anything since mederma usually takes months for you to see results. if anything, i think putting mederma makes your face more irritated the first couple of weeks.

speaking from experience, mederma really did nothing for me other than cause more frustration then good. it really did nothing to ease the redness and was a waste of money for me. i would suggest using makeup, but since i'm not a girl and i am clueless in these things :wacko: , i'm not sure what else you can do other than that...

is it really that important? i'm pretty sure your bf would be happy with you no matter what you look like!

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Mederma is fine; there is nothing in the ingredients that will harm your skin while on Accutane. It's only slightly effective with treatments for scars from what I read. Some do experience better results than others. Nonetheless, I did buy some myself for experimentation purposes. I'm going to be experimenting with scar treatments for the next several years until I find the magical combo for me.

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