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Breakout in week 6

Hello everyone,

I've been on the regimen for 6,5 weeks now, but last week a new breakout occured :redface:

Is a breakout in week 6 normal or am I doing something wrong.



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Perfectly normal....many people can take 3 months or longer for consistent results.

If you want to be safe, list all your products & describe your routine for other DKR users to critique.

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See the thread linked in my signature. The relevant part for you is that breakouts happen, moreso towards the first few months of the regimen, but even long-term users still get occasional small breakouts. You can't beat yourself up over it or overanalyze it, I mean, we have acne, we all get breakouts for no apparent reason, and sometimes even huge amounts of medication can't stop them. A breakout at this point sounds pretty normal to me, 6 weeks is around the time I stopped breaking out, but I think my progress was faster than most. Keep following the regimen and you'll see over the following weeks that your breakouts will decrease in severity and frequency until they're basically not happening at all.

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Thanks for the replies

@ siouxcat, since I'm from outside US I use other products then recommended.

Sebamed cleansing bar

BP 5% (2,5% is hard to get in The Netherlands)

Cetaphil moisturizing lotion :)

@ cool, good advice, I will follow the Regimen religiously for another month or two, see what the results are :)

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