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I'm going to summer camp in about a week, and it lasts for two weeks. It's a YMCA camp near San Antonio, Texas. This will be my fourth year to go. We are outside pretty much ALL DAY long (except for meals and rest time after lunch) so there's a large chance of sun burn. I have been on the DKR for about 4 weeks, and have seen improvements -- my skin is smoother and there isn't as much active acne, but I still have tons of redmarks and my skin is still dry! I mosturize with Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture SPF 15 but my skin is red, oily, and it burns after I put it on. I've always had a problem with sunscreen burning my face. Any suggestions on what to do?

Also, last year when I went, I was completely clear, so I'm already feeling ugly going with my terrible face this year! Agh! Oh, and my pediatrician prescribed me Benzaclin and Tazorac, but I think I'm waiting to start until after camp because I can't have high-maintenance skin while I'm there (the peeling will be too much for me). We are required to drink TONS of water and we get a lot of exercise. Do you think this will help my skin?

I am seeing my dermatologist (for the first time in two years) on July 5, so I will see what she prescribes before I get the other stuff filled (I figure if I'm not going to start right now anyway, I might as well see what the real doctor has to say). Anyway, any comments/advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Alrighty. I answered your Taz and Benzaclin question on your other post similar to this one.

Yes lots of water and exercise will be good for you. I live in Houston so i know how humid it is there. I found that i hardly need to moisturize because of the humidity. As for the peeling goes. if you exfoliate 2wise a week you shouldn't have a problem.

also try to wear a sunscreen that is at least 45 SPF and is MADE FOR YOUR FACE, I also recommend sunglasses and hats :D:cool:

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Hey Cailey -

You might try out Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock. It's a really nice sunblock for the face, and lots of people here love it. It doesn't go on too shiny and seems to be pretty well tolerated by a lot of people, I've been using it myself to protect my skin when I walk to work in the morning. You can read sunscreen reviews at http://acne.org/over-the-counter/moisturiz...ge1.html#browse, maybe you'll see a few that sound promising to inspect at the drugstore. The biggest thing with sunblocks is reapply, reapply, reappply, though, so don't forget to do it every few hours when you're outside!

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Thanks! I'll ask my derm about a new sunscreen.

Woah. Small world. I live right outside of Houston in a nearby suburb!

Small world is right, what suburb? I live in Katy.

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