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Irish Spring Bar Soap, Calamine Lotion, and Tea Tree Oil

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Hey everyone...

Myself having oily skin realized that the source of my acne was the excess oil production and my pores getting clogged, resulting in white heads, cysts, blackheads, and inflammed red bumps that take FOREVER to come to a head (plus the pain after I cant resist the temptation to squeeze. So here I have my new regimine...

Everytime I was my face I use Irish Spring bar soap, (sometimes) a washcloth to help exfoliate, then I pat dry and apply a thin layer of Calamine Lotion, which turns your face to a pasty white color. (Sometimes I apply t drop of TTO along with the Calamine lotion and work it in before putting on my face... Anywaysm then I take a dry, barely wet towel and wipe my face so that I lose some of the "pasty color." Thats it! My face is MUCH less oily, almost all breakouts have stopped, and my complextion is AMAZING... Also, if youre conscious about your acne redness and pimples, the calamine lotion masks it really well!

Anyways, I thought I would share with you all.... I'm on my way to clearer skin!

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Pics please? ^^

I love looking at people's clear skin, it give me hope! I have acne just like you described. Could I use cetaphil instead of irish springs?

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I havent used Cetaphil however I believe the Irish Spring is more effective because it helpes dry out my excess oily skin and prevents more from forming. I dont know, try them both and then pick which one you like most.

Yeah, I will try and post a few pictures tonight when I get home from work so you can take a look...

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