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I have mild/moderate acne w/ very oily skin that has flared up this past year. I was 99% clear and ever since September of last year, I've been constantly breaking out and it's only gotten worse. I get nodules/papules/pustules on my forehead, below my temples, and jawline and have some smaller pimples scattered around my face. I use Cetaphil cleanser (which worked fine while I was clear), and spot treat with Neutrogena 2.5% BP and Neosporin on marks. I aspirin mask/scrub a few times a week. I'm also taking 8-9g of B5 (which helped alot awhile back but now.. not so much) and 3-4g of Fish Oil. I eat healthy and whatnot. I thought it might be milk but I've avoided it for a month+ now and still no change. And besides I used to drink milk like everyday before with no problems. It's starting to really get annoying. The only thing I can think of is sleep. I've been sleeping at 2-3AM for the past few months. AHhhhhh!

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Yeah I used to drink milk all the time without a problem but then last year I started breaking out from it. Im pretty sure thats what it is. Listen, have you tried Dans products? Who knows. Its worth a shot www.danielkern.com

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