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2 months in on my 3rd round of accutane

Well, after two unsuccessful courses, here I am going on 21 years old and still battling acne. My first course was when I was 18, 40 mg twice daily. Second course started january 2006. The second one started off at 40 mg twice daily and eventually got bumped up to 100 mg daily. The first course was 6 months and the second one was 7 months. As of two months ago, I started my third course at 80 mg daily, and it started off great. My face instantly went from being a massive oil slick to a normal dryness. At about 1.5 months in, the initial breakout set in and it was the worst ever the third time around. Im getting realllly painful pimples on my neck and around my mouth/jawline/cheek area. Im pretty confident I will scar from these pimples. The first two rounds I was left with minimal scarring. I never suffered from nodules or cystic acne. I instead have the most persistent acne on earth that seems to be immune to even accutane. I am confident I only get acne because my skin is sooooooo oily. It produces oil in such excess at such a fast rate that my pores can not handle it. Oh well, I can't wait til i get through this initial breakout and can finally enjoy some clear skin. I also pray that this time around, the accutane will do something to my oil levels so that I can have clear skin even after accutane.

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By unsucessful do you mean that your skin never cleared up? Im sorta in the same boat as you. I'm 21 did a cycle 3 months ago and have started to get my acne back. Skin is somewhat oily, not as bad as b4. How long after your first and second cycle was your face clear for? I'm definately thinking about doing a second cycle b4 my skin gets really bad again.

Let me know, and good luck with your 3rd.

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