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Dan's BP in travel size?/Can I take out a bit and put into a small bottle for travelling?

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Hello all,

I need to fly somewhere for like 18 hours soon. We all know that large amounts of liquid are not allowed on planes, so I'm just wondering, if it's ok for me to take out a bit of BP gel from the large bottle and put it in a small one? What will happen if I take it out and don't apply instantly? Is that ok?

Also, I'm a bit worried about putting the tube in my suitcase. The tube seems a bit flimsy somehow. I'm afraid that in adjusting to the air pressure it will somehow squirt everywhere, or worse still, actually break.

I think this won't make it in time for my travel, but I'm wondering, if it's possible for Dan to make travel size BP gels available. (I guess for the cleanser and cream there's no problem to put into smaller bottles.)


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well, i think the min. amout you can have is 2 oz. witch really sucks. So mabye you would want to fill a film canister with some of the BP to travel with. Mabye fill 2-3 cans. And film canisters tops are very tight... som im sure they wouldent open.

oh, also, if your scared of leaking, put it in a zip lock bag.

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I think he is considering some sample-sized products sometime in the future, but they will likely be single use. Not really something you could take on a trip for any length of time.

We do recommend transferring the product into those 3oz. empty travel-size bottles though. When I went to SF last month, that is what I did.

As for being concerned about your tube leaking during the flight, you could always tape the lid down and place it into a ziplock baggie.

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Thanks for the suggestions =)

Actually I'm more worried about on the flight itself, since it's a long international flight. Wherever I go I think I will bring the whole bottle of BP in my check-in luggage =P Single use is plenty for me coz my problem area is confined to less than a sixth of my face. Anyway, thanks!

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