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Guest Daniel Ratzlaff

Dermatologists Shortage

Guest Daniel Ratzlaff


I don't have a digi-cam, but trust me, I have a case that's crazy bad.

So, I need to see my derm to get bloodwork done so I can go back on the tane since I've been off it for 2 months or so...

Guess what? I tried to schedule, they won't schedule me until August 7th!

Grrrr I'm pissed off.

I have leftover Accutane, enough for a month I think.

I'm thinking of calling them back and telling them that if they won't see me, I'm just going to take it anyway.

I've tried looking for other dermatologists, the nearest one Dr. Polly just wants to shoot me up with steroids and give me septra...

He's hard as crap to book too...

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You should ask to see one of their RN's or nurse practioner. usually you can get anappointment much quicker with them. They always tell me i have to waait like 4 months hen when i ask for the other guy i can get an appointment within a week. These are the people who usually come in and talk to you first before your actual Derm comes in. They still know what they are doing and usually have more time to talk to you. IT is worth a shot, unless you really want your derm most likely you are ging to have to wait anywhere you go.

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their is a serious dermatologist shortage, especially in the UK. Derms mainly work within hospitals and you have to wait atleast 4 months before you can meet one. Few derms work privately and if you do manage to find a private derm, they cost a bomb, they charge a hell of alot of money for consultations, its ridiculous.

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