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Acne on forehead and hats.

So my face is generally clear except on my forehead. i would actually prefer it to be all over my face because on my forehead alone it just looks really gross and out of place. i have been wearing this mesh hat for a few year which covers my entire forehead and am convinced that that was what made my acne so bad there. one night i even looked i even looked on the inside and saw the exact same dirt design as the acne on my forehead, yeah, it's pretty narly. i rarely washed it, just something i never really thought about for some reason. i don't wear it anymore now since i noticed that, of course, but i wear another one now that doesnt cover my forehead, it's just like a regular sport hat, i have to wear it so that the shade of the bill can at least make my forehead less noticable. kind of ironic actually. if i even took it off i'd actually feel nauseous i'd be so emberassed. i'm REALLY self-conscious about my acne there.

i'm actually not quite sure what i'm asking, maybe someone could give me some tips on how to go about this? similar experience perhaps? maybe i just needed to tell someone about it, i don't know. this is my first post after all.

also, i'm on accutane and have been for almost a month and a half, no improvements yet, but i still got my finger crossed. if this doesn't work i honestly have no idea what i'll do.

thanks for listening (reading)

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Hey! You shouldn't worry about the acne on your forehead! Accutane will clear it right up and at least you've stopped the main cause which was your hat! You really should wash your hats at least once a week tho coz sweat and dirt is nasty :)

Trust me, it is better to have acne on your forehead than all over your face. You can cover it easily so feel like one of the lucky ones :)

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